Stronghold School Systems
Stronghold School Systems
A Life-Changing Educational Experience
ALL Ages — ALL Issues

School As It SHOULD Be (see video at right)

  • Rock-solid moral/spiritual values
  • Purposeful, challenging learning...that students LOVE!
  • No traditional time/age limitations
  • Top quality academics WITHOUT homework
  • A safe - healthy - 100% drug & gang free environment
  • Real-world work experience, internships, and community service

A School Model that Meets Every Need

  • Low Achieving? Rediscover God-given intelligence
  • High Achieving? Find purposeful applications
  • Behavior Problems? Strengthen self-discipline
  • Drug/Alcohol involved? Learn the joy of clean, sober living
  • Gang/Crime Issues? Awaken to moral courage and purity
  • Find a new career? Re-Start Your Old One? We can help


Come see the Stronghold School System in action. Visit our year-round model program/ training facility in Ventura, California. Guarantee yourself a better future. To see more about our program click here.


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A Tough Teacher Makes Miracles

Photo of Paul White and students as featured in People magazine.

PEOPLE and CBS's Early Show partnered for a five-part series, "Heroes Among Us. Read More


White's Rules Saving Our Youth One Kid at a Time

Image of book cover, "White's Rules - Saving Our Youth One Kid at a Time" by Paul D. White

One heroic schoolteacher has saved hundreds of lives with unconditional love and zero tolerance for rule-breakers.

His students are the worst of the worst—drug addicts, gang members, and violent criminal offenders. They have flunked out or been thrown out of every other school they've attended. They may be the children of addicts, of abusers, or even of good parents, but they have one thing in common: they have been rejected by everyone except Paul White. With ten simple rules, he has helped hundreds of kids turn their lives around.